Mialliw Yosuped

Smiley's Handmaiden


Beginning Gear
Item Cost

Cloak (Baladrana), cloth .8 Writing Kit 8
Boots, soft 1 Wineskin .8
Belt .3 Leather Armor 5
Breeches 2 Rapier 15
Hose 2 Short Bow 30
Gloves 1 12 Short Bow Arrows .6
Chemise 3 Quiver .8
Doublet .4 Panpipes heirloom
Vest .6 1gp,4sp,7cp
Sword Scabbard and Baldric 7
Backpack, leather 2
Belt Pouch, small .7
3 Candles .03
Flint and Steel .5
6 Sheets of Paper 12


Mialliw was born in CY557 somewhere in the Bramblewoods of Ket to a valley elf from the Vale of the Mage who fell in love with Baklunish woman. Her father, a sleeper agent for the Black Mage, was sent to monitor the merchant clans’ trade on the Irafa Road, and foment trouble between Bissel and Ket when necessary, while posing as a human teamster.

After many years in this service, he gained the love and trust of one of the daughters of the merchants. He was eventually discovered, and they ran away to eke out a refugee’s life deep within the Bramblewoods, giving birth to Mialliw. But this was not to last as Mialliw’s mother was murdered by a horde of marauding losels, with father and daughter barely escaping. Her father retreated into Bissel to the shadows of the Dim Forest and continued to raise Mialliw, until he was tracked down by assassins dispatched by the merchants of Lopolla.

Orphaned at the age of twelve, she made her way out of the forest with her father’s bow to the southern Bisselite town of Peacekeep and came to the door of Crossed Blades Gambling Hall. She was seen as having a remarkable resemblance in poise to the demigoddess Rudd, diety of priests who operated the hall, and impressed them even more with her playing the panpipes her mother had taught her. They took her in, and she became adept at card games, entertaining with song and fencing while taking in the stories of adventure and legend that floated throughout the hall from both carousers and priests. She learned to tumble from various ne’er-do-wells and eccentrics who frequented the hall.

Infused with the beliefs of Rudd to make her own luck and do better than her ill-fated parents, she now wants to pen her own stories of travel and adventure. After apprenticing in the calling of a bard, she sought leave of her home and head west, inspired by Rudd’s teachers to take on Fate herself and stick a thumb into the eye of Iuz. Hearing that the Bandit Kingdoms are full of the ambitious who start from low places, she took passage on riverboats, earning her keep as an entertainer, until she finally landed in Stoink. Eventually, she will settle some scores with her relations in Ket and take a pilgrimage to see her father’s mysterious homeland.

Mialliw Yosuped

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