Most unnerving


As Malna reflected on this last adventure she started to feel her natural tendencies waver. As a forest gnome she is used to staying in the forest, far from the crowds of other races. For the first time in her life she felt that there was something to be respected of these other races, dwarves and men were not as bad as she grew up believing. When her forest was burnt down all those years ago, before she was even out of her parent’s house and her uncle took her under his wing, her path seemed lost to her. They never quite settled in to a new forest, there was never one that seemed to fit her Uncle’s wandering nature. Because of this, Malna stayed with her uncle far longer than most forest gnomes stay with their parents. Perhaps this is why her uncle was keen to have her travel with this band of strangers. Although at first Malna was weary of leaving her uncle, it was important that she start to make her own impact on this world.
After this last encounter with Ponchovina, her respect for her traveling companions increased even more. There is something unnerving about undead that shakes Malna to the core. As a forest gnome she understands that there is a circle that life goes through. The leaves break down into the earth, giving nutrients and new life to the forest, but this was something different. A creature dying with so much unrest that their soul doesn’t have a chance at their final rest is most troubling. After this Malna decided that giving these spirits rest should be one of the most important missions in her life.


Funker_Vogt stephanie_f_sanders

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