New Depths of the Tower of War

The Mystery Ahead

Delving deeper than ever before into the ruins of the Tower of War our heroes have gone further than most adventurers ever would. The Black Feathers are in control of most of the ruins now that the Elves are Dwarves are ousted. This could prove profitable for all involved parties. Already many new faces are showing up in the garb of the Black Feathers with the influx of wealth. What next? Who is responsible for the undead animation if not Drakmoore? He was slain in a clever ruse, but there is certainly someone else residing within the tower depths that has similar skills to the dark priest. Either his corpse was taken for internment or for some other darker purpose. In time all will be revealed and old debts will be repaid.


Funker_Vogt Funker_Vogt

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