Shiny and New

Borzi had never particularly felt like he drew much attention. Sure, there were times where being a dwarf might have drawn the eye of some yokel who had never seen one before, but usually people didn’t give him more notice than anybody else. But that had changed now.

Taking a moment to reflect again on the beautiful armor that he was about to don, Borzi has to marvel at how it catches the light just right giving it almost an aura. When he wore it, people almost stared at him, which unnerved him at first but after he saw how fast the Black Feathers jumped to attention and took his orders Borzi figured he could get used to it.

Betraying the priest in the ruins had not sat well with Borzi, the action going against the grain of how he normally lived his life. But…. the man was almost assuredly evil and would have turned on them in good time. Fortunately they had eliminated him and his minion with little trouble, even though the specter that was troubling the dwarves was not gone for good.

The group had decided that they needed a few days off, pursuing whatever vices or work they had in the city- which was just fine with Borzi. He used the time well, first making sure the tavern was alright and then checking on all currently deployed Black Feathers and their status. After finishing that he helped take care of whatever chores kept him busy. He wasn’t one for inactivity, and getting back to the ruins or wherever else was something he looked forward to.


Funker_Vogt Krugsdemise

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