Tilting at Windmills

Efreeti, Derro and Djinni Oh My!

Oh, upon a windswept hill it stood
Marking the time when our world would come to its end
For ill purpose made, the destruction of all good
Degenerate dwarfkin sought their will it to bend
The Doomgrinder woke!

Mighty rumblings of earth, a sail reached the peak
A portal opened, our safety sought within
Derro met us with weapons to turn bodies meek
We fought hard tooth and nail to forge our win
The Doomgrinder rolled…

The puzzle of it’s construct we labored upon
The razing of whole cities it’s plan long ago
It’s spinning shaft was suddenly undone
When we threw their deceased to the depths below
The Doomgrinder shook!_

Oh, the craft bellowed and as the span shattered
Dweomer imprisoning it’s motive force sundered
Escape for us immediately mattered
Revelation of it’s engine appeared and thundered
The Doomgrinder stopped!

In whirling mists appeared a mighty djinn
In flames and cinders beheld scorching efreet
These were the secrets the machine held within
And the terrible visages our eyes to meet
The derro-kin ran!

Vengeance fell upon the pale under-dwellers
In fire and brute strength they met their demise
Too far astray from their sunless cellars
During battle’s crescendo, we gained our own reprise
Plunder we sought!____

…The campfire glowed as Miallew penned her final strokes of a new song. She couldn’t wait to perform it and regale in applause and adulation.

But there was the matter of the armor and any other tempting pieces left behind in the immense wreck. Still bruising from a stray djinn’s hammerfist , she contemplated that just maybe, maybe she might steal back and see what was left behind.


Funker_Vogt wilster68

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